Little Green Book of Golf Law

A University of San Diego professor has compiled a book of court cases involving golf in The Little Green Book of Golf Law. The book will be out next month, but you can get a preview in this article in the Sign On San Diego.

It looks like one I’d really like to read.

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9 thoughts on “Little Green Book of Golf Law”

  1. Back in May, I had a group in a scramble at my club, I was the only member in the foursome.  At Hole #1, a par 3, there was a closest to the pin challenge, where you could buy extra shots, each of us took 3 shots.  With the wind (slightly) in our face, all my shots were 100% distance wise at 155 yards.  One was on the green, and the other two were within 3-4 yards on each side, but pretty much formed a straight line with the hole.  My friend asked me, what did you hit?  I said 5-hybrid, which for me is right 150-165.  He proceeded to take out his 5-iron, and hauled off and wacked his first shot beyond the green (about 170).  Second shot went further at about 175, into the street, and hit a passing Lexus, which stopped at the thud. 

    We needed this book at that time.  Yeah, my friend should have asked me distance, not what I was hitting, because I am generally shorter than many by a club or two.  In this case the Lexus owner actually checked his car and left before we got up there, (ball appearantly struck ground and came up under the Lexus)- but we didn’t know until the next day (when a ex-pro told us) that Jack would not have been liable- we would have made him write the check right then.

    One thing that bugs me, and I probably commented on this the other day- is the lack of “FORE”.  Of my closest friends, none are members at my club, but I like to take them as guests.  When they hit an errant shot, I find myself, more often than they, yell “FORE”  and I politely ask them (or sometimes not so politely with a “Hey, Dumbass”) to yell in the future.  The houses are not even that close on our course compared to many in the area.  You know when it is getting close, and if you don’t see your ball because it is so off trajectory, yell just in case.  Maybe what I should start doing is yelling “FORE” while the worst and most frequent offender is in his backswing.

  2. Glad to read that you are continuing your excellent Blog.I enjoying reading it.Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  3. Coming back to what martin said, the lack of “fore” yelling is something that really annoys me. I’m all in favor of people of all abilities playing golf, but the rules really need to be learnt first. I’ve had MANY occasions when wayward balls have almost hit me.


  4. When they hit an errant shot, I find myself, more often than they, yell “FORE”  and I politely ask them (or sometimes not so politely with a “Hey, Dumbass”) to yell in the future.

  5. It’s amazing what people can come up with. Really a book on golf law? Who has time to read this stuff. What’s next?

  6. I hope I will be able to read that book. It catch my interest since I love golf. I can’t wait to get one.!


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