Lorena vs Tiger

After her victory this past weekend at the Kraft Nabisco—one of the LPGA’s majors—the golf media is asking whether Lorena Ochoa is the LPGA’s answer to Tiger Woods.

She is.

Ochoa is 8 for her last 13, with two majors.

Tiger is 8 for 13, including a major, with a chance at a second coming this weekend.

1 thought on “Lorena vs Tiger”

  1. I agree that Lorena is the LPGA equivelent of Tiger, except that you actually still get to see other golfers when you watch LPGA events.

    I think that Lorena will go on to take all of Annika’s records, just like Tiger is doing to Jack and those that came before.  The difference is that Lorena’s records won’t all stand for years, and I think that Tiger’s records will last for decades.


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