LPGA Volvik Championship Friday Photo Album

Lots of spectators on Friday at the Volvik Championship practice range.
Lots of spectators on Friday at the Volvik Championship practice range.

Most news coverage photos of golf tournaments are all the same: tight shots of players swinging,  putting, or waving at the crowd.

I decided to be a contrarian, and walk around the course to record¬†things that are a part of the Volvik Championship spectator’s experience, but that don’t necessarily make it into news coverage. I did break my own rule and get some photos of players on the course, but that was mostly to remind myself who I followed and watched.

The LPGA Volvik Championship is well organized, and very friendly for spectators. Transportation to and from the parking is a very convenient. There are plenty of places to get food and drink, good restroom facilities and shade trees in a lot of good viewing locations. You’ll want to bring a chair, though. There are no general grandstands and you may want to spend some time just sitting and watching.

The thing that astounds me is the logistics that must go into running a weeklong, outdoor event such as the Volvik Championship. There are so many details to manage to ensure and so many volunteers need to make it all work. When you are at the tournament, take a moment and look around. Everything you see has been organized, constructed and supervised by the event organizers. The course has been managed so that it meets tournament standards, from the length of the rough, to the width of fairways, to speeds of the greens. Spectator traffic patterns were laid out; stands constructed; television camera sightlines established; restrooms; concessions, skyboxes; security; signage; spectator transportation; first aid stations; rope lines; vendor tents;

And then there are the things you either don’t see, or for which you only see the end result: acquisition of sponsors, pro-am parties; advertising; media rooms; locker rooms, the LPGA temporary offices, television trucks, storage areas, off-site provisions, websites and more things than I can list.

Hats off to the Volvik Championship organizers.

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