LPGA Backs Off English Speaking Rule

LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens has backed down from her controversial policy requiring every player to be proficient in English.

“After hearing the concerns, we believe there are other ways to achieve our shared objective of supporting and enhancing the business opportunities for every Tour player,” said LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens.

My bet is that she got more calls from players’ lawyers than she cared to field.

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1 thought on “LPGA Backs Off English Speaking Rule”

  1. While I was a bit shocked to see this policy creation a few weeks back, and predicted this outcome myself- after I saw the details that it would not even affect a tour player until their 3rd year of playing in the states, I thought that it was a good idea and acceptable. 

    But I am still not shocked by this one.  How the LPGA will deal with sponsors who will increasingly be unable to communicate with the players at events and pro-ams- it will be interesting to see.


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