LPGA Commissioner Whan On Growth

The Washington Post has an interesting article on the steps LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan is taking to bring that tour back to life.

His Mantra is GROWTH, an acronym:

“It’s a little thing, but I have this thing on tour where I talk about ‘GROWTH’ and each letter stands for something and the ‘T’ stands for thank you,” Whan said. “I always say when somebody hands you a check on the 18th green, especially a check that is larger than you ever thought you would make playing the game, remember you can thank whoever you want, your caddie, your dad, your coach, Jesus, but make sure you thank the person on the bottom of the check first.”

The other letters in GROWTH are just as important to Whan.

The G stands for getting involved, stepping up and doing something if there is something you don’t like about the events or things on tour.

The R is to reach out and touch the fans. Make their day.

O is for being open.

“It’s a Mike Whan warning,” he said. “I am not a status quo guy. I like to shake it up and get people talking about us again.”

The W is worldwide tour … “and get over it. It’s the LPGA’s greatest competitive advantage.”

After T is the H, or have fun.


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