LPGA Drug Testing Runs Into Glitches

A trial run of the LPGA’s new drug testing procedures didn’t exactly go smoothly, with the procedure taking entirely too long.

The main complaint from players tested at the Fields Open was the amount of time testing took out of a competition day. Testing was done on the day of the first round, and those players who had morning tee times found there was not enough daylight left after testing to get in any practice.

“Some players took longer than others,” Pilgrim said. “As soon as everyone gets up to speed on how the process works it will be more efficient,” she said, stressing that as players get to understand the testing process better they will be able to assist in making it quicker.

That’s to be expected. Its not often that things go well on a first try. The real question is whether the PGA Tour is paying attention so that it can avoid some of the same issues.

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