LPGA To Require English

Talk about politically incorrect: the LPGA will require its players to learn English.

For the past several years, the LPGA has impressed upon its membership the importance of communicating effectively in English. As the game’s dominance shifts to the East, the LPGA has strengthened its stance. Learning English no longer is a tour suggestion; it’s a requirement.

At a mandatory South Korean player meeting Aug. 20 at the Safeway Classic, the tour informed its largest international contingent that beginning in 2009, all players who have been on tour for two years must pass an oral evaluation of their English skills. Failure would result in a suspended membership.

I smell a lawsuit.

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3 thoughts on “LPGA To Require English”

  1. A lawsuit on what grounds? The LPGA is a private organization that is able to make up its’ own rules and bylaws. It is U.S. based and so why not require English? Although it’s not a requirement in other professional sports leagues, there are VERY few athletes that don’t speak english at all, mostly just a couple of Japanese baseball players. It helps the golfers connect with the fans and sponsors that pay most of the bills (again U.S. based primarily). I say bravo!

  2. Since when have lawsuits in America had to make sense to be filed—or to actually win
    ? The LPGA probably could be accused of violating their rights on the basis of national origin.

    I agree with you that the English thing is a good idea, though. The players themselves should want to do it … it will make them more palatable to US advertisers and thus make them more money.

  3. I think it makes sense to require the players to know english since the marshals and rules officials probably don’t speak any asian languages.  As for lawsuits, if the LPGA can make rules about the age of its members and the like, then they should be able to make rules about other things as well.


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