LPGA’s Mexico Tournament Postponed

While foreign policy thinkers ponder the question of whether Mexico constitutes a “failed state,” the concern is much more practical to LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan: can we assure the safety of players, staff and spectators at the Tres Maria Championship in Morelia, Mexico. The answer, apparently, is no. Mike Whan told the Golf Channel:

“We’ve been advised to probably not go to Morelia as we sit here today because of some of the security concerns. Unfortunately, some of the violence has made it that far, including to some of the roads that we actually take from the airport to Tres Marias and the hotel.”

I’m certain this is the first tournament canceled for fear of terror—narco-terror to be sure, but terror nonetheless.

The LPGA apparently will try to reschedule the tournament, which was to be played in April. But I don’t see conditions getting any better.

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