Lunchtime Golf Conversations

It’s funny how conversations can twist and turn.

With the football season over (for Michigan residents, anyway—a lucky few are still in contention), our lunchtime conversations usually start turning back to baseball and golf. Yesterday, Tim wondered aloud when Tiger would return from his surgery and rehabilitation. The general consensus was that—for the greatest possible personal impact—he’d be smart to make his reappearance at The Masters. Can you imagine the media circus that would generate?

That led Joe to wonder if anyone would take Tiger’s place at number one. I pointed out that if Tiger delays until The Masters, Sergio Garcia would have a mathematical chance of actually pulling that off.

Other players were mentioned. Then Geoff mentioned mentioned Phil Mickelson, which then led to a few jokes about Phil’s man boobs. Joel then asked if anyone remembered the Seinfeld episode where Kramer decided to market a man bra called the “bro.”

KRAMER: So, how you feeling?
FRANK: Tired.
KRAMER: Uh huh. Your back hurt?
FRANK: How did you know?
KRAMER: Well, it’s obvious, you know. You’re carrying a lot of extra baggage up there.
FRANK: (looks down, and indicates his chest) Up here?
KRAMER: Oh, yeah. Top floor. (sits beside Frank) Listen, Frank, have you ever considered wearing something for support? Now, look at this. (reaches into his pocket) Mind you, this is just a prototype.

Kramer brings out a garment constructed of canvas and elasticated fabric.

FRANK: You want me to wear a bra?!
KRAMER: No, no. A bra is for ladies.

Kramer holds the garment up to his own chest.

KRAMER: Meet, the bro.

We all laughed at the thought of a “manserie” and then the bell rang and we had to return to teach our classes.

But that led me to wonder if anyone actually made a man bra. It turns out they do:

imageThat one’s from a web site in Japan. But it frankly doesn’t look like it’s offer any actual support. It’s way too small to contain Mickelson’s man boobs. Judging from the photo, the more likely explanation is that it’s some sort of weird fetish. Or maybe not. Who knows with the Japanese? It might be mainstream there. In Ann Arbor, at least, Japanese men can frequently be seen carrying purses—not messenger bags—purses.

On the other hand, it seems that there’s been some serious thought about the medical need for such a device. Here’s one from a medical supply site:

It seems to be designed to help the healing of scars after various kinds of chest surgeries. But the site also notes that it can be used as a body shaping garment.

It’s certainly more manly than the Japanese version.



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