Lyle and Scott Argyle Socks Review

Lyle and Scott Agyle Socks

Lyle and Scott Argyle Socks
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Soft and Comfy

I love argyle socks because they add a secret dash of flair to the otherwise rather pedestrian world of work clothing. My sock drawer is full of argyles.

Lyle & Scott’s argyle socks are very soft and comfortable; an instant favorite. They’re snug, and don’t sag or slide, but also don’t feel restrictive. With the 82%/16% cotton construction, they were quite cool, which is important in an un-air-conditioned classroom.

Price-wise, they’re not too bad at $20 a pair. The Lyle & Scott argyle socks are several steps in quality above the ones you buy in taped-together bunches at the big box stores.

Lyle & Scott is an old Scottish knitwear brand. Founded in 1874, it first produced a line of golf clothing in 1967. Its apparel has been worn by Gary Player, Greg Norman, Tony Jacklin and Bob Hope. In recent years, Lyle & Scott has worked on refocusing its apparel on a younger (and presumably more “hip”) crowd.

My only complaint is that they only come in two patterns: the grey, black and white that you see in the photos, and a navy, grey and red. A few more color choices would be great. I suggest blue and yellow, so they match both my alma maters: West Virginia and Michigan.

Highly Recommended.


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