Lyle and Scott Striped Collar Polo Review


Lyle And Scott Striped Collar Polo

Grade: A

Teacher’s Comments: Stylish and Comfortable

I’m generally not a fan of polo shirts with pockets, but in the case of the Lyle and Scott striped collar polo, I’ll make an exception. I like the offsetting plaid on the top of the pocket quite a bit.

The button on the pocket is a plus, too. One of my complaints with pocket polos is that the pockets seem to inevitably sag forward. The button will keep this one in place. The collar is buttoned, too.

The shirt is well made and has Mrs. GolfBlogger’s seal of approval. She’s a high-end amateur seamstress and I always turn to her for opinions on the quality of fabric and stitching.

The material is cotton-elastane mix, and it has been comfortable to wear in moderate heat. I have yet to try it in the more extreme SE Michigan heat and humidity, but it feels as though it should work fine.

For a stylish—and somewhat different look—I can recommend this Lyle and Scott golf shirt.

Here’s a photo without Sebastian Cat.


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