Macro Golf Putter

The Macro Golf putter claims to be not only a new putter design, but an entirely new putting system. The manufacturer says:

Macro is not just a another oversized putter grip. The patented Macro Putter Grip’s unique reducing oval shape and forward shaft offset, when combined with the “split hands” grip of the Macro Putting System, make your wrist less flexible, preventing the wrist breakdown that occurs so frequently with other putters. By eliminating wrist breakdown you keep the putter head square throughout the putting stroke. The putter head then impacts the ball squarely to roll straight toward the intended target. When the putter head impacts the ball squarely every time…putting confidence and consistency improve.

Its worth a look.

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13 thoughts on “Macro Golf Putter”

  1. Hi
    You may not remember my name but I am 22 years old, playing on the epd tour and Portuguese tour. I first met you at the florida golf show in Febuary. I was interested in you putter as that is the worst part of my game. You had someone show me how it works, the way to hold it and i was very impressed.(so was my dad) I tried it for a short while after i got back but i was heading to germany to play on tour and I didnt want to take it with me on short notice. I have recently returned after having a poor 2 months on the greens (6 events) I took your putter out again and played in a friendly 4 ball just the other day. I made 7 birdies and whole a few good par saves and thats almost double the number of birdies I’v made in 1 round for quite a while.
    I am playing in an event in Portugal this week and will deffinatly be using your Macro putter with the larger black grip. Wish me luck.
    Just like to say a big thank you for the putter and think i should of taken it away with me.
    All the best
    Scott Taylor

  2. Scott used the putter this week in a tourniment in Augsburg he was doing very well and tied for second – I was not there the final day and don’t know how he came out.

  3. I have been putting with the Macro medium grip for 5 months and it has changed my approach to putting, and in fact to the whole game.

    Before I began using this grip, and the putting system it promotes, I had little confidence in my putting stroke or that I could ever achieve stroke consistency. When I missed a putt the reason was either I “miss-hit” the ball and it went off line in a direction other than I intended; or I hit the ball squarely but miss-read the direction or the correct pace necessary to hole the putt. I now miss the putts I think I should make a lot less frequently and when I do it is never because I don’t hit the ball almost exactly where I choose, everytime – I miss soley because I have miss-read the green or the pace required. This result, thanks to the Macro grip and the recommended set-up, has given me consistent stroke control and real confidence on the greens. After getting this grip I have gone from generally being the poorest putter in most foursomes in which I have played over the years, to the best one – usually irrespective of handicaps.
    It seems to me that the golf companies who sell putters do so on the basis of the designs of their putter heads and how these design elements are supposed to be the most important factor of the putting stroke. The last 5 months putting with Macro has given me another experience altogether – my improvement has not come from my putter head, as I am still using my old one – its coming from my hands.

    When I received the grip it was accompanied by a letter from Macro Golf giving instruction on its use and the last sentance reads:

    ” It shouldn’t take you too long to realize that the reality of successful putting is this: It is your hands on the grip that shape and make the stroke – the putter head, any putter head, is just along for the ride.” Amen Brother.

  4. A Macro medium 14” grip was installed over Christmas on a C Groove putter head and shaft that had been purchased; had not worked out well and had been put aside.
    I am loving the new putter. I have used it on three occasions and have made a number of good putts. Some one putts and some over 6 feet. This is great. It stays in my bag. It has a solid feel. It breeds confidence.
    I am recommending it to all my friends.

  5. I have been using the Macro mallet with a 14” medium grip since October and my putting consistency has improved tremendously. In my opinion the reason I have so much more control of the putter now is because the shape of this macro grip forces a hand placement that strengthens my right hand (I am right-handed) but completely takes my left hand out of every stroke – and the result has been very unexpected. Up until October I had alway believed that both hands had to share equally in driving the putting stroke. I realize now that the improved control and consistency I have experienced with the macro grip results from stroking with my dominant hand. It’s simple: It takes less effort to use one hand efficiently than to attempt to make two hands that by their nature work independently, cooperate.

  6. I can’t say enough about the change this putter system has made in my game.  I bought the blade putter but find it a little light so I installed the grip on a two ball I had lying around. Since then I have been absolutely on fire- I make everything. I have shot two rounds at even par and a round of three under since then ( I made the switch about two weeks ago).  It is amazing

  7. I see where Stewart Ginn is currently in the lead at the Senior British Open and he is using the large Macro Grip.

  8. Macro Golf…recently purchased square stroke mallet putter 34” and I have watched the info on the web site.
    My question, what is the proper stance , relative to site overtop the ball…what feels comfortable?…or what seems to look to be right for the putter lie? or am I trying to read more into this than what is necessary…snow on the ground here, so havnt made it to the putting green yet…any suggestions?

  9. I am a nineteen handicap.  In my first six rounds after switching to the Macro Mallet Putter I have shaved a minimum of five strokes off each round and I have not three putted once!  In each of those rounds I have shot in the eighties.  The Macro Putter has given me more putting confidence than I have ever had before.  I love the Macro Putter.  Thanks for a great product.


  10. Question.  Is it conforming if one turns the Macro grip so that the flat edge faces the target or matches the club face?  This would be different from having the flat edges on the top and bottom as you would hold the putter.

  11. I was lucky enough to get a Macro putter on a trip to the US two years ago and saw an immediate marked improvement in my stroke; the way the grip fits in my hands makes me feel I can send the ball anywhere I want it to go.



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