MagneCaddy Club Retrieval System Review


MagneCaddy Magnetic Golf Club Retrieval System

The MagneCaddy is a solution for a problem that I did not realize existed: that of picking up your clubs off the ground. The notion is that, after carrying several clubs to the green, and laying them upon the ground, you will then need to bend over to pick them up off the ground after holing out. The MagneCaddy saves you from this by employing a super strong rare earth magnet that screws into the hole in the top of your putter. Rather than bending over to get those clubs, you can use the putter to snag the metal heads or shafts and bring them to you.

The MagneCaddy also has a ball marker that sticks to the top.

I’ve tried it and it works exactly as advertised. The faces on my irons are titanium, but the rest of the construction is steel, so it picks everything up quite handily.

If you’ve got mobility issues, this may just do the trick.

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1 thought on “MagneCaddy Club Retrieval System Review”

  1. I used the magnecaddy an it was a back saver I also enjoyed the ball marker I recommend it for any golfer plus all the fun I had with it picking up other things around house with it great product if u hadn’t ordered one yet u should they have a good educational web site


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