In The Mail: Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Hybrid

Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Hybrid
Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Hybrid

In the mail for testing this week is a Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Hybrid. It is a #3 with 19° of loft and a lie of 58.5°.

I am really excited to try it because these clubs have earned a reputation of being extremely long. I also have a soft spot in my heart for Tour Edge. Located in Batavia, Illinois, the company has always impressed me with its can-do, no-frills attitude. Tour Edge is Midwestern in the best sense of the word. They don’t sponsor pros (although pros play their clubs), and I honestly cannot recall seeing a big Tour Edge tv advertising campaign. The company instead focuses on quality and price. I have owned several Tour Edge clubs over the years and always thought them an excellent value.

In fact the first “new” club I ever bought was a Tour Edge Bazooka Driver. Prior to that, I always picked up used clubs or built my own from components. That club saw a lot of use before I passed it on to a friend who admired it.

The Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Hybrid features:

  • a new Japanese high density, steel cup face combo brazed with a 450 SS hyper-steel body
  • A “SlipStream” sole, with channels between the rails for minimal turf interaction
  • A 19-gram rear sole pad to produce a deeper CG, and helps to easily get the ball in the air from any lie.
  •  Variable Face Thickness technology. The thin and thick compartments on the face are strategically positioned for optimal forgiveness in preparation for off-center hits.

I will have a review of how the hybrid plays in a couple of weeks. Weather here in Michigan is still a bit sketchy right now and my ability to play irregular. Still, the colder weather should really give me a sense of just how this club plays in not-ideal weather.

>More photos of the Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Hybrid are below:

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