Man Hurls Golf Balls By The Thousands Into National Park

A weird golf story.

Rangers at the Joshua Tree National Park have arrested a man who is accused of throwing as many as 3,000 golf balls into the Joshua Tree National Park. The man, who works at a local golf course, apparently thought he was honoring “all the dead golfers,” according to park spokesman Joe Zarki.

Douglas Jones also left cans of fruit and vegetables, which he said was for stranded hikers.

When I’m dead, I don’t want anyone “honoring me” by thowing a ball into what essentially is one of the world’s biggest sand traps. I spend far too much time in the traps in life.

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1 thought on “Man Hurls Golf Balls By The Thousands Into National Park”

  1. Reminds me of the story that Golf Digest had on Jack Nicholson a couple years back.  Part of the story talked about his driving mat off his back porch, where he hit balls by the hundreds into the canyon below.  (which he probably owned that land too)


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