Man Stabbed After Trying To Play Through

A Texas man was stabbed with a golf club shaft during an altercation that apparently was caused by playing through. He is recovering from a punctured femoral artery and massive blood loss.

I’m guessing alcohol was involved.

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3 thoughts on “Man Stabbed After Trying To Play Through”

  1. Ouch!  Wonder if it was a driver or iron?  But seriously, I would hope that there is no place for this action in our game of golf.  I will pray for the recovery of his leg.

  2. Ouch!  I know our gentleman’s game would not accept this action as standard response.  Someone could lose their leg because of short tempers and alcohol – never a good combination.  And he was probably going to drive home after the round.

  3. I’ve seen everything from a group hitting their balls into the group ahead (on the green one time,) to racing ahead to the next tee and sitting there, refusing to move when the group they considered playing slow showed up.

    Usually alcohol is involved, but there’s been few… intense “pros” as well.


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