Man Threatens Golf Club With ECG Machine

imageWeird Golf Story of the Week:

A 59-year-old man scared the wits out of golfers at a Lerum country club in western Sweden by bearing his ECG monitor and declaring that it was a bomb. The man has now been ordered back into rehab for his persistent alcohol abuse.

The man had spent the morning of July 10th at the hospital getting an ECG monitor attached to his chest. He had a long history of alcohol abuse and he celebrated his hospital visit by going on a drinking binge and has only vague memories of how he made his way to the parking lot at Ă–ijareds golf club outside of Gothenburg later that day.

When in the parking lot the man proceeded to pull up his shirt, revealing the medical equipment attached to his chest and screamed at terrified golfers that he was a suicide bomber and that he planned to blow up the club.

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