Marshmallows On The Course

marshmallow on course

I was playing behind a golf outing and got caught in what actually was a pretty good prank.

The fifteenth is a right angle dogleg par 4, with twenty foot pine trees blocking the the view at the corner. The usual strategy here is to cut the corner, sending the ball blindly over the pines to what should be just a wedge to the green. I drove the ball well, then took off after it.

As I rounded the corner, I was delighted to find my ball in the middle of the fairway, right at the 100 yard mark. But it wasn’t my ball; it was a marshmallow. Another ball in the light rough at the 80 yard mark also turned out to be a marshmallow. I found four marshmallows in various strategic locations before locating my ball under a pine.

It’s amazing how much a marshmallow looks like a golf ball on a bright day from ten yards away.

The next hole, also a bit of a blind dogleg again was decorated with marshmallow decoys. I had less trouble with that one because I was expecting it, and had learned to distinguish marshmallows from golf balls.

That outing was no doubt having a good time.



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