Martin Kaymer Swings Like A Girl

Johnny Miller, NBC golf analyst, suggested during the Accenture Match Play that Martin Kaymer swings like a girl. It wasn’t an insult. He meant that Kaymer’s swing has the rhythm, timing and fluidity that you see in the best of the LPGA players. If you’ve been to an LPGA event and have seen a 120 lb teenager drive the ball over the horizon, you’ll know what he means.

My friend the teaching pro once told me that I should model my swing after the LPGA players, rather than the PGA Tour guys. His one caveat was that I should study the PGA short games.

So here’s a girl’s golf swing—Yani Tseng, currently the hottest golfer on the planet (no disrespect to Kaymer) Saying you swing like this is no insult:

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