Martini Tees Review

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Martini Tees

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Grade A
Teacher’s Comments: Durable and easy to tee up.

Martini golf tees are made in Michigan by a Michigan company. That alone is likely enough to score points with the GolfBlogger. They are, however, also a pretty good product.

The tees get their name from the martini glass shape—a thin neck and an inverted cone bowl. They’re made of an extremely durable plastic, and come in a variety of colors.

Martini says that robot tests have shown that—when compared to a standard wood tee—the Martini tees generate more distance and tighter dispersal. Seventy percent of robot drives on the Martini Tee went 240+ yards within 20 feet of center, while just 20% of wood tee shots did the same. Further, because the ball sits so securely in the cup, you can actually tilt the tee up to twenty degrees in the direction of your shot, which Martini says will promote even longer, straighter drives.

I have to admit that I was a bit worried about the big cup. My thinking on tees in recent years has been toward minimizing points of contact with the ball, so I’ve been playing with three pronged tees. The Martini Tees not only have full contact, they actually wrap around the bottom. And yet, it works. I don’t know if I’m actually getting more distance and accuracy, since my driving tends to be erratic, but it certainly isn’t any worse. It says something that I’ve used these exclusively for several weeks.

Distance and accuracy aside, there’s another reason to use this tee: It is perfect for players with mobility or coordination issues that make teeing up a ball difficult. I’ve played with a number of seniors who needed help teeing it up. It also would be great for younger players who struggle to tee it up. If you’ve ever watched a kid get down on his hands and knees to carefully balance a ball on a tee, you know what I mean.

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