Mass Resignation At Japan’s PGA

All 91 members of the Japan Professional Golfers Association recently resigned after two of the organization’s executives played a round with Yakuza. Seems the move was intended to restore trust in the organization.

At least they didn’t commit seppuku.

The executives who actually played the rounds, hen-PGA vice chairman Shinsaku Maeda, 61, and then-board director Tadayoshi Bando, 67, were dismissed in October. That apparently wasn’t enough, and the entire membership followed suit with their resignations.

The Japan PGA oversees oversees the country’s professional golf activities, including the licensing of golfers and development of junior players.

Japan’s tradition of at least metaphorically falling on the sword after a failure or embarrassment seems a good idea to me.  In the United States we have far too many instances of public failure—especially in our governmental institutions—where the perpetrators are allowed to simply carry on as if nothing happened. Or worse, they manage to cash out and retire as millionaires.

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