Mastering Golf’s Toughest Shots - Book Review

Mastering Golf’s Toughest Shots, The World’s Best Caddies Share Their Secrets of Success

Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: Lots of helpful advice on how to think your way past the rubs of the green.

Mastering Golf’s Toughest shots is an unusual golf instruction book in that the advice comes not from the perspective of Tour players or high end teachers, but from caddies. Among the caddies who contributed their thoughts to the work are Steve Williams, Alfred Dyer (Gary Player), Montana Thompson (Billy Mayfair), Tim Thalmueller (Tom Watson, Mark O’Meara others), Mike Atchatz (Rocco Mediate) and Ruden Yorio (Angel Cabrera).

Edited by James Bartlett, who has a long history as a golf writer and editor, the book offers advice for various situations that both professional and amateur golfers routinely face. For each, the focus is on how to analyze the situation, gather the necessary information, and then act on it. There also are a lot of good illustrative stories told by caddies about their golfers and their experiences.

The most interesting thing I found in the book is a mnemonic based on the five fingers of your hand. Your thumb—the most important digit— should remind you of the target, the most important thing in golf. With the first finger, point at the ball and consider the lie. With the middle (the longest), think about the distance. The ring finger is for the conditions. Finally, the pinky is for the situation.

There’s an awful lot in this book to absorb, but I think if a player would just absorb the parts about the shots that trouble them the most, better scoring would result.

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