Masters Article Roundup

Here are some articles that I’ve enjoyed reading about this past weekend’s Masters Tournament. I’ll add more as I find them:

Peruse the final scores.

Where does Phil Mickelson rank among the all time greats?

From John Feinstein, a bittersweet article about great players who no longer can return to play at Augusta.

And putting it all in perspective, an article about Tiger’s father’s health.


A funny bit from the Toronto Star on unanswered questions from the Masters.

Nicklaus’ 1986 victory spurred sales of oversized putters. Twenty years later, Mickelson’s going to do the same thing for dual drivers.

Will Phil win another Major this year? Ron Sirak and Jason Sobel face off.

Lawrence Donegan speculates on whether the Woods-Mickelson rivalry is one for the ages.

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