Masters Television Ratings Good

CBS said that the ratings for this years’s Masters were topped in the last ten years by only one other—the 2010 Masters when a scandal plagued Tiger returned to the Majors.

The Sunday finish drew a 10.4 rating with a 22 share, up 18 percent from 2009. The 2010 Masters drew a 12 rating and a 25 share.

The rating is the percentage of all televisions watching a program. The share is the percentage of homes where the tvs are actually being watched.

If only the CBS telecast was up to the ratings. I understand that they’re operating under restrictions set by Augusta National, but it’s still more than a bit old.

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2 thoughts on “Masters Television Ratings Good”

  1. What didn’t I like … for one, the Nick Faldo rummaging through the masters locker room segment—that really rubbed me the wrong way, but mostly, all the “human interest” outtakes when they should have been showing the competition. The golf was so tight that day that they should have ditched the soft sell. It reminded me of Olympic coverage. Finally, Nantz’s tendency to talk right over the action and the tension. There are many times when less on the part of the announcers is more.


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