Mathematics Professor Develops Match Play Solution

I love match play. But television does not, for the simple reason that it often doesn’t result in a Sunday match with the marquee players.

Toms versus DiMarco was fun to watch at the Accenture, but what television wanted was the Doral Sunday Matchup a week later: Woods-Mickelson. Unfortunately, those two had been eliminated in the Friday Afternoon Massacre.

But apparently you can have it both ways.

Mathematics Professor Jim Diederich has a solution: a three tier-triple elimination system. In this system, a player would have to lose matches to three other golfers to be eliminated.

This would ensure that one bad match wouldn’t eliminate a player from the tournament.

Even better: the format would allow the field to be increased from 64 to 81.

There’s more on the plan in this article in Golfweek.

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