Matt Every Leads Sony Open, Outs The PGA Tour

imageGraham DeLaet has had his moment in the sun. Now its Matt Every’s turn, as he leads the Sony Open after two rounds.

Sporting the most ginormous putter head I have ever seen—that thing must be a foot across—Every is at -10, two clear of David Hearn and Carl Petterson.

Every most likely is more familiar than DeLaet. He once was a contestant on The Big Break. He also got a break when all he got was a 90 day Tour suspension after being arrested in an Iowa hotel room for possession of marijuana in 2010.

Every’s postround interview with Kelly Tilghman was a classic. She asked him about his arrest and he replied:

“There’s a lot worse stuff going on out here than what I got in trouble for”

Seriously? I’m dying to know who and what. A real reporter would have taken that opening and run with it. Tilghman just let it pass. Fits my impression of her as a shill for the Tour.

Heh. Every will get yet another break if he doesn’t get fined for that slip.

But winning this would be his real Big Break. For the record, Every has one win in his career: the 2010 Nationwide Tour Championship.


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1 thought on “Matt Every Leads Sony Open, Outs The PGA Tour”

  1. I think Matt Every was the one they interviewed during Q-School finals one year who was crying and saying Q-School was too hard and he was going to the Nationwide Tour where it’s easier to get a Tour Card. That didn’t impress me a bit. And that putter – there’s no way anyone could argue the legality/properness of the putter shaft length when you’ve got a putter head that huge. Good grief, I could play golf if I had something that big to hit the ball with.


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