Maxfli Revolution Tour Golf Ball Review


MaxFli Revolution Touricon
Grade: A

The MaxFli Revolution Touricon is one of many very good, moderately priced golf balls on the market today. And, it’s made even more attractive by the fact that you can get it at 40% off at The Golf Warehouse. That’s a dozen for just $18.

I’ve been playing the Revolution Tour this week, and have found a lot to like about it. It offers good, straight distance—not exceptional, but good. I’ve been able to chip it close and spin it with a wedge around the green. And it has a nice feel on the putter face (The most important thing in my mind. What’s five more yards off the tee if you add extra strokes because you can’t putt with it ).

The Maxfli Revolution Tour also is durable. I hit a couple of cart paths on a disastrous round yesterday, and the Revolution Tour survived with only slight cosmetic blemishes. (I also hit a few trees and finally smacked the darn thing into a pond. It didn’t survive the pond.)

At the current price, I’m going to pick up another box.

Maxfli Revolution Tour Golf Balls

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