May Photos From Washtenaw Golf Club

May Photos From Washtenaw Golf Club
Looking across a pond to the sixteenth fairway and green at Washtenaw Golf Club.

May Photos From Washtenaw Golf Club

With May coming to a close, I thought I’d share a few photos I have taken at Washtenaw Golf Club.

Washtenaw is a block away from GolfBlogger World Headquarters, and I was a member for a time when it was a private club. I relinquished my membership when I decided to try to play as many Michigan golf courses as possible. So much time at other courses made paying for a membership at Washtenaw uneconomical.

The 120-year-old club has since gone from private to semi-private and now is completely public. This past winter it was bought by Michigan Golf Hall Of Famer Dave Kendall, of Kendall Golf Academy Fame.

May Photos From Washtenaw Golf Club
A view from behind the green on the eighth at Washtenaw.

My favorite time to play is early morning. It is cool, and the light is beautiful at that time of day.

Washtenaw is a superbly conditioned, wonderfully old-school course. If you can play well here, you can play well anywhere.

US Open Deep Rough

The rough is US Open deep. I know, because I played Erin Hills as a guest of the USGA the day after the US Open there and spent a lot of time in said rough.

The par four second at Washtenaw Golf Club

There is a lot of wildlife at Washtenaw. There are a couple of foxes that I’ve seen in the distance but have not yet been able to capture with a camera. I have seen deer in the past. The birds are more cooperative.

Flocks of ducks live on the several ponds on the property. I love the emerald color on the drakes.

Mallard Drake at Washtenaw Golf Club.

There also is a hawk that nests in the area of the fifteenth and sixteenth fairways.

A hawk at the very top of the tall trees lining the 15th and 16th fairways at Washtenaw Golf Club.

Last fall, I snapped a picture of him lunching on a squirrel. The course has got to be a dream buffet for a hawk, with all of the squirrels, rabbit and chipmunks around.

Hawk having lunch.

I spotted a cormorant at Washtenaw last fall as well.

The clubhouse at this point is still closed under the Governor’s orders, but I can promise you that when it opens, I will enjoy a few lunches on the beautiful veranda.

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