May Is Free Lesson Month

During May, you can get a free 10-minute golf lesson from a PGA pro in your area. Ten minutes isn’t enough to fix anything major, but when I’ve taken advantage of it over the last couple of years, the pro was able to help me straighten out my grip and stance.

    – The PGA of America Partners With Golf Digest, The Golf Channel
        and Golf For Women; Nike Golf is Official Sponsor –

  PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., April 25 /PRNewswire/—In the midst of an
exciting start of the professional golf season, inspired golf enthusiasts
across America have the opportunity to sharpen their golf skills by
capitalizing on PGA Free Lesson Month in May.  In its eighth consecutive year,
PGA Free Lesson Month is a successful national growth of the game campaign
that involves thousands of PGA Professionals at thousands of golf facilities
offering free 10-minute golf lessons to golfers of all skill levels. The
campaign is a result of a partnership between The PGA of America, Golf Digest,
The Golf Channel, and Golf Digest’s sister publication, Golf For Women. Nike
Golf serves as the official sponsor for a third consecutive year.
  PGA Free Lesson Month is designed to help amateur golfers improve their
skills and attract new players to the game.  Throughout May, a record-breaking
number of more than 6,700 PGA Professionals will be offering free
10-minute golf lessons at more than 5,500 facilities nationwide.  This year’s
PGA Professional participation surpasses the previous record set in 2004 of
4,993 PGA Professionals, who provided more than 92,000 free lessons. The
entire roster of PGA Professionals and their respective facilities is posted
on , and .
  “PGA Free Lesson Month serves as a catalyst to motivate individuals to get
out and play more golf,” said PGA of America President Roger Warren.  “As
evidenced by the continued increase in participation of the numerous PGA
Professionals each year, this program has become a staple in the industry.
PGA Free Lesson Month is an integral part of Play Golf America and its goal to
increase golf participation nationwide.”
  The Golf Digest Companies will utilize its three leading publications,
including Golf Digest, Golf World and Golf For Women, to promote PGA Free
Lesson Month to a combined audience of nearly 10 million readers.  Golf Digest
has provided editorial coverage on PGA Free Lesson Month in its May issue and
featured a roster of participating PGA Professionals who are at public
facilities.  The May issue includes an insert sweepstakes card giving readers
a convenient way to sign up for a free lesson and register to win a golf
getaway vacation.  In addition, PGA Free Lesson Month is featured in Golf For
Women’s May/June issue, Golf World’s April 8 issue, and promoted on .
  “The deep pool of instructional talent associated with Free Lesson Month
is second to none,” said Jerry Tarde, Editor-In-Chief of the Golf Digest
Companies. “Fostering the growth of the game and helping people play better is
central to the mission of Golf Digest and we’re proud to be a partner in this
hugely successful campaign.”
  The Golf Channel, in its third year as a partner, will dedicate May as PGA
Free Lesson Month on its instructional golf show, “Academy Live,” which will
air on Mondays as part of “Your Game Night” on the network.  Four specialty
shows will feature PGA of America golf professionals communicating the message
of the program to nearly 70 million viewers.  In addition, The Golf Channel
will promote the program on-air in their nightly news program, “Golf Central”
and online at .
  “PGA Free Lesson Month is a great complement to the instructional
programming we have offered our viewers both on the air and online for the
past 10 years, and next month we are looking forward to supporting the program
again,” said Bob Greenway, The Golf Channel’s senior vice president of
programming and production.  “The opportunity to learn hands-on from a
certified PGA pro is invaluable, no matter the skill level of the golfer.”
  Nike Golf, in its capacity as the official sponsor for a third consecutive
year, will provide a custom-fit set of Nike golf clubs, Nike golf footwear and
apparel for the campaign’s sweepstakes winners.
  “Nike Golf is proud to be a part of this national program, which has been
a resounding success year after year,” said Nike Golf General Manager, Cindy
Davis.  “The initial golf experience for individuals is critical in retaining
golfers for a lifetime.  Free Lesson Month is a slam dunk in our mind and we
are happy to enhance the campaign by outfitting the sweepstakes winners from
head to toe and supplying them with our outstanding golf equipment.”
  Every golfer who takes a free lesson and sends in a Free Lesson Card, will
be entered with his or her PGA Professional for a chance to win Nike Golf’s
Grand Prize sweepstakes package that includes a three-day golf getaway
vacation to Orlando, Florida; an appearance on The Golf Channel; a custom-fit
set of Nike Golf clubs and Nike Golf footwear and apparel.  The sweepstakes
winners will include an amateur golfer and the PGA professional who conducted
the lesson, along with the PGA Professional who conducts the most free
lessons.  One hundred second-place finishers will receive a PGA First Swings
Guide and either a dozen Nike Mojo golf balls or a Golf Digest “Breaking 100-
90-80” book.

  PGA Free Lesson Month is one of several programs designed to grow and
stimulate participation in the game of golf under “Play Golf America,” a
national marketing campaign that is supported by the golf industry.  All
participating PGA Professionals in the Free Lesson campaign can be found on
the industry supported website .

  The PGA of America, founded in 1916, is a not-for-profit organization that
promotes the game of golf while continuing to enhance the standards of the
profession.  The Association is comprised of more than 28,000 men and women
who are dedicated to growing participation in the game of golf.

SOURCE The PGA of America
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