McClure’s Pickles Review

McClure's Pickles Review

McClure’s Pickles Review

McClure’s Pickles
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: My new favorite pickles

McClure’s is a Michigan-based purveyor of pickles, sauerkraut, relish and Bloody Mary Mix. The company recently sent a care package for review that included their garlic and dill spears, sweet and spicy slices and Bloody Mary Mix.

Your friendly neighborhood Golf Blogger is a big fan of pickles. For a very low calorie count, they satisfy my desire for a crunchy, slightly salty, tangy snack. I always have a couple of jars of different types in my fridge.

My favorite type of pickles always have been garlic dill, and the McClure’s version is outstanding. The spears are crisp and full of flavor.

They are, frankly, not going to last very long.

The Sweet/Spicy chips are exactly as advertised. They start off sweet on the tongue — and then the heat kicks in. The two sensations are perfectly balanced. The McClure’s pickles are neither too spicy, nor too sweet.

I have found the sweet/spicy slices to be perfect on a sandwich made from my homemade smoked BBQ. With the sweet BBQ sauce and savory pork, they are perfect.

The Bloody Mary Mix is good as well. However, as I am not a fan of Bloody Marys in general, I likely am not a good judge. That said, I am certain that if the mix is half as good as the pickles, Bloody Mary fans will be wholly satisfied.

Other items in McClure’s catalog of goodies include Bread and Butter pickles, Spicy Dills (I’m going to be on the lookout for these), sauerkraut and Lil’ Pickle Packs. The Pickle Packs contain various combinations of McClure’s dill, spicy dill and sweet/spicy pickles.

McClure’s is a family venture, founded by two brothers in 2006. Joe and Bob McClure base their product on great grandmother Lala’s recipes, which they learned to make canning every summer with their family. The company started manufacturing in both Detroit and Brooklyn, NY, but has since moved all manufacturing operations to Michigan.

Michigan, it turns out, is one of the largest cucumber growers in the United States.

Each of the jars is hand-packed, all-natural, gluten-free and kosher certified.

Next time you’re at the grocery, give McClure’s a try.

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