McIlroy and Woods Star In New Nike Ad

Funny stuff.

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2 thoughts on “McIlroy and Woods Star In New Nike Ad”

  1. So not impressed by this commercial. I don’t want to see this ‘cocky jock’ side of Rory McIlroy. I like him better when he’s a sweet, humble guy who hugs his dad after winning a major. And I really don’t want Tiger teaching McIlroy anything. Stay away from him Rory!

  2. Great commercial put together by Nike. Rory and Tiger are great mates and it’s good to see the two of them in a lighted hearted competitive contest.

    I hope for Rory’s sake he stays grounded and doesn’t change who he is with all the extra money and attention he will get.

    What I love most about him is the way he carries himself on and off the golf course. If he remains the same as this i’ll be happy.


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