McIlroy Wins … Is A Change In the Offing?

It’s far too early to make predictions about whether Rory McIlroy will be golf’s next superstar—so many have been annointed and none have succeeded. But I find it intriguing that he would win his first PGA Tour event with such verve on a weekend when Tiger failed to make the cut.

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4 thoughts on “McIlroy Wins … Is A Change In the Offing?”

  1. I think it’s great that Rory blew past everyone and grabbed the win with a 62.  It makes me chuckle when I think of the American players who live their nice, easy travel, lives by not playing outside the US.  They were probably wondering who Rory was.  Well, now they know. The only bad thing about this win is that Colin Montgomerie now has something to talk about. Ugh.

    Jim Nantz was commenting on Tiger winning before he turned 21 and Phil doing the same. But he didn’t work all that hard to point out that this is Rory’s second win as a pro. I guess Nantz didn’t want to completely bash the US Tour.

    I would much prefer that people proclaim that golf is the future of golf, rather than one guy or one girl. But the media would never go for that.  It’s much easier on the reporters if they just focus on one person. They, too, prefer the easy way.

  2. The change I liked was Phil’s comments afterwards which were upbeat and also so complementary of Rory and his performance.  Hopefully Tiger was watching (hah!) and gets some idea of how to do an interview after you lose.

  3. I think they knew who he was. The television caught a huge line of players waiting to give him warm congratulations after his round. And in his post round interview, Phil said an awful lot of really nice things about him.

  4. It’s not like Rory hasn’t been around the Tour for a couple of years. Nice that he won.

    It’s not so much that it’s easier for the reporters for anoint someone. The golf and sports media in general need to have the “eyeballs” to make money and that means appealing to an audience beyond the fans (that, and the feminization of sports-coverage – but that’s another topic). So they personalize the games by focusing on the players.


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