Meet The PGA Tour Stars of the Future

Golfweek has a player-by-player look at the twenty five graduates of the Web.Com Tour. Some of these guys are going to be the future of golf.

As a Michigan Man, I’m rooting in particular for Wyandotte’s Justin Hicks. He’s a University of Michigan product who turned pro in 1997. You read that correctly. He’s 38.

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1 thought on “Meet The PGA Tour Stars of the Future”

  1. It’s amazing to see how many ‘journemen’ who made the list for next year. These guys over the age of 30 who have been around for a while.

    I’m only really familiar with the Australian players and I think Alistair Presnell will perform the best.

    He made the cut at this years US Open and has done okay at his other official US tour event.


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