4 thoughts on “Mental Golf Tips: Practice A Few Holes Before You Play”

  1. In the short time most golfers have before stepping to the first tee, this drill can really help.  Mentally play the first three or four holes of the course.  Hit the drive and the fairway shot or shots and even a chip or two to get prepared.  As you pass the putting green, try to hit a few putts to gauge the speed of the greens.  Then hit the course, relaxed and with a positive mental outlook and watch your scores improve.


  2. Most golfers do not take the time to warm up on the practice range like they should.  The tip above is good for those golfers.  Play the first two or three holes you will face on the course, hitting tee shots and fairway shots that you will encounter.  Finally, go too the putting green and hit a few lag putts to get the feel for speed of the greens and finally hit some short putts for confidence.  Go to the first tee, relax, trust your swing, and hit the ball.  Have a good round.

  3. Golfers need to treat the driving range just like they are playing the real thing.

    The practice needs to be as realistic to the actual game as possible to get the most benefit out of it.

    Great advice.


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