Mental Mondays: A Perfect Swing Is Not Necessary

TheFiveInchCoD22aR05aP01ZL-Pierce5a_mdmYou don’t need a perfect swing—just a consistent, repeatable one.

Anyone who’s played golf for any length of time has seen players who are ruthlessly efficient with their very ugly swings. They aim fifty yards to the left to compensate for their slices; they have a Jim Furyk hitch; chicken wings; a follow-through that spins them around; or are constantly off balance. But somehow these players manage to get around the course in a workmanlike manner.

A guy in our golf league has a double pump at the top of his swing that’s so weird, that I try not to look for fear that it’s infectious. But somehow he’s always at the top of the league standings. It’s nasty, but it works for him.

Always remember that the game is about getting the ball into the hole with the least number of strokes. There’s no bonus for having a beautiful swing.

This is not to say that you should not try to improve your swing. You should. But when you’re out on the course, play with the swing you have, not the one you wish you had.

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