Mental Mondays: Aim For The Fat Part of The Green On A Par 3

TheFiveInchCoD22aR05aP01ZL-Pierce5a_mdmOn a par 3, the principal defense of the hole lies not in the distance, but in the bunker complexes and greens. On a well designed course, these simplest of holes are traps for the unwary, in some ways more difficult than par fives. And when the pins are tucked away, they are little more than lures on a hook.

The safest move for the weekender, then, is to always aim at the largest, safest part of the green. From any part of the green, a decent putter is just two strokes from the hole and par.

This mental golf tip is an excerpt from The Five Inch Course: Thinking Your Way To Better Golf The complete book is available in Kindle format at

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