5 thoughts on “Mental Mondays: Clean Your Grooves”

  1. I just got a cool Frogger Brush Pro to replace my aging brush.  It has a grooving tool on one side and on the other a combo plastic/brass brush (brass bristles are ringed by plastic bristles).  It also has a slightly thicker, rounder handle for a good grip. 

    But I think like you that key is really a good towel.  I carry a washcloth sized microfiber towel which came from Autozone- 6 for $2-3.  I use that for both cleaning the club faces and carry onto the green to clean the ball.  just slightly damp works great, and I really don’t have to dry the clubs if the towel is just barely damp.

  2. Guilty as charged.  I will wipe the obvious dirt from the club but give relatively little attention to the grooves.  Undoutedly some of my lack of ball spin is a result of my sloppy habits.

    I hereby pledge to become a groove cleaner in the future.

  3. Since I always carry a tee in my pocket, anytime I am holding a club waiting to shoot I am always using a tee to clean the grooves on the club face. Strange as it might sound: I think it’s become part of my pre-shot routine/ritual and helps me focus on my next shot (oh not to mention my club face grooves are always clean!)


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