3 thoughts on “Mental Mondays: Concentrate On Hitting The Middle of the Green”

  1. I’m not sure where most amateurs get the mindset to fire at every flag. The pros certainly do not. As you correctly state, the putting stroke is easiest to quickly improve upon. High handicappers need to get the ball on the green by shooting for the most accessible part.

  2. Great advice for golfers just starting out or even those who have been playing for a while but did not know. Advice like this one allows one to move from being a novice to an expert in no time, as stated in the post.Golf requires lots of practice to perfect one’s game, and this article shows one way of doing just that.

  3. Very good advice,

    Too often most amateur golfers go ‘flag hunting’ and aim at even the most difficult pin positions. Even the professionals I see on television know that there is a time and place to go straight at the flag.

    Most golfers need to just focus on getting the ball on the green and letting the short stick do the rest.


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