Mental Mondays: Don’t Let Your Ego Get Suckered Into A Competition

TheFiveInchCoD22aR05aP01ZL-Pierce5a_mdmToday’s Mental Golf Tip: Remember always that you are playing golf, and that the goal of golf is to get the ball into the hole in the least number of shots.

Getting suckered into an undeclared long drive or irons contest with your playing partners will drive up your score. Play your own game.

I am not a long hitter, but my easy swing will nearly always keep the ball in play. The minute I go for extra distance, I send the ball into the rough or out-of-bounds, costing precious strokes. I have to remind myself of this when playing with my big hitting friends. They may outdrive me by thirty yards from the tee, but when the round is over, my score is always just as good or better.

This mental golf tip is an excerpt from The Five Inch Course: Thinking Your Way To Better Golf.

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