4 thoughts on “Mental Mondays: Don’t Play Shots You Haven’t Practiced”

  1. The problem we hackers face is that most if not all practice facilities have limited options to try shots other than from a level lie.  No downhill, “ball above the feet” or sand shots can be practiced.

    Players should take advantage of early and late season play when the courses are not crowded.  without holding up play one can toss a couple balls down and experiment.  Eventually you will figure out what you can and can not do and try it when it counts.

  2. You’re absolutely right, and I should have included that thought in my essay. For me, spring and late fall are for practice. In fact, I was out practicing at Green Oaks today, trying out shot that I would not normally have played in high season.

  3. In the last two weeks all three rounds on one of our courses I have found myself in the left treeline on a straight hole.  I had been playing this hole well, but when I started walking in mid-November, this hole (13th) is where fatigue starts to set in and I have been finding a draw somewhere. 

    Anyhow, the first round, I had 170 to the hole, with a fair gap on a line to the hole as long as I could keep the ball low.  I used the 3 wood to get to the green keeping it low and getting the GIR.  Luck on the unpracticed shot.  Attempts in round 2 and 3 ended with first topping the ball and going nowhere, and the last time not keeping the ball low enough and nailing a branch.  Both times it required the 3rd shot to get out and I ended with a 6 both times. 

    If my unpracticed shot hadn’t worked the first time, I would have probably had 3 5’s – or maybe even have saved par one of the times.


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