3 thoughts on “Mental Mondays: Regrip Your Clubs”

  1. Like Bruce, I also use a hooked blade, in a box cutter handle only used for regripping – probably will last forever as long as I remember not to go cutting anything else.

    I also run the tape longways, I use the Golfsmith tape which is wide enough to wrap all the way around the shaft so I get full coverage with one strip. 

    Probably the same thing as mineral spirits, but I use Golfsmith Grip Solvent.  I also strain the solvent which goes into the drip pan and put back into the bottle for use again. 

    Easy as pie – but this year right when I was about to regrip, I got the Golfsmith Clubvantage card ($30) which includes 28 regrips and 50% off other repair services and some other discounts. 

    Also- I am still crazy about the Lamkin Performance Plus white grips.  They are looking a little dingy, but seem to wipe fairly clean, but the feel is fantastic, and the white grips stick out like a sore thumb when I try and walk past a wedge on my way off the green.

  2. I had my putter re-griped last week.  After playing a round with the putter my partner saids you are missing too many putts, was your new grip lined up with the putter head?  When I looked, it had not.  Will be taking the club back and assuming they will correct the problem without any hassle.


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