3 thoughts on “Mental Mondays: Swing Easy With An Extra Club”

  1. Alternatively, you have my formula for when I am between clubs- take the shorter club, choke down, and slow the backswing.  Seems like that would be a formula for failure, but I think it is because I am always trying to kill the ball, when I actually take my time and make sure I contact the ball well this way I can get 10-15 yards more. 

    I have tried to extend this through my entire game, and lately have been having a little success with that, but usually I get distracted like Dug in Up.

  2. Great advice,

    I have personally always gone the shorter club and tried to swing the golf club a bit harder. I guess it also depends on where or if there is trouble at the front or through the back of the green.

    I do agree though, a smoother more controlled golf swing should always be the first thought in the golfers mind.



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