Mental Mondays: Use An Alignment Aid

The Five Inch CourseRule 8-2 actually allows you to use an alignment aid anywhere except on the green. The catch is that you must remove the aid or any marks before taking your swing. Here’ s what it says:

Any mark placed by the player or with his knowledge to indicate the line must be removed before the stroke is made.

Still, this can be useful. Set a club down and align it to the target. Then take your stance, and look down the fairway to see where where your feet, shoulders and eyes align. After you remove the alignment tool, be sure your align your body to the previously discovered line. Try this a few times in practice rounds, and your alignment is sure to improve.

This mental golf tip is an excerpt from The Five Inch Course: Thinking Your Way To Better Golf.


2 thoughts on “Mental Mondays: Use An Alignment Aid”

  1. That’s interesting to know and I must admit news to me. I think most golfers would have thought you can’t even put down a golf club for alignment purposes during a round of golf and could only did it during practice rounds or at the golf driving range.

    Thanks for sharing


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