Michelle Wie - LPGA Rookie

Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News writes that Michelle Wie is a most unusual rookine on the professional golf tours—and one that the LPGA desperately needs.

It’s hard to see her as a rookie. Wie is too young to buy alcohol or rent a car, but people act like she’s a has-been. Wie is in her first year on tour, and it feels like a comeback.

Wie is no longer being invited to play with the men. She hasn’t won an LPGA event. She failed to qualify for the women’s U. S. Open for the first time in six years. But if it were any other rookie, fans would marvel at her raw talent.

What Michelle Wie has to do is to learn to win—a tough task on the professional golf tours. Lots of players hit the ball long and straight, and yet don’t seem to be able to take home a trophy. But she no doubt has the talent.

I hope to see her in person at the Jamie Farr in Toledo this week. Perhaps I’ll be able to see all that talent on display.

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  1. Wie will be fine. Just like any professional athlete, she hit a bump.  Although its usually players second to fourth year playing in a professional sport to hit a dip, she has hit hers early.  Let us all hope its the only one she has in her career because she has the talent to be a great player!


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