Michigan Golf Course Association Thankful For Governor’s New Orders

Michigan Golf Course Association Thankful For Governor's New Orders

The Michigan golf industry is grateful Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed the latest Executive Order rescinding her Safer at Home order and moving the entire state to phase four of the MI Safe Start Plan

According to the order, beginning immediately, the Governor is allowing outside gatherings of up to 100 individuals, which is critical to the golf outing and league business in our industry. On Thursday (June 4), retail is allowed to open, which will allow our golfing community to enter pro shops for purchases without an appointment. On Monday (June 8), restaurants and snack bars at your favorite golf courses will be open to 50 percent capacity.

The Michigan Golf Course Association along with the Michigan Golf Alliance has worked diligently to see these allowances come to fruition.

“We have inched our way forward, working tirelessly to provide the experiences our customers rely on,” MGCA Executive Director Jada Paisley said. “We appreciate our relationship with the governor’s office and the ability to have our industry’s concerns heard. Golf in Michigan is an integral part of the seasonal business landscape. Our 800-plus golf courses are open. The grass is mowed and the beer is cold.”

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1 thought on “Michigan Golf Course Association Thankful For Governor’s New Orders”

  1. According to the Michigan Golf Alliance, the Governor’s office clarified the most recent order and stated it is okay for two people from different households to be in one cart. There was no mention of plastic dividers so it appears just regular carts are fine. Possibly there will be further clarifications but for now, at least two courses have told our traveling senior golf club that we ride double or take our business elsewhere.

    Lost in all of this is that whatever risk there was to riding in a cart with a stranger or friend has not vanished. Are the experts saying they were wrong about the risk or are they saying it is okay to get sick because the hospitals are ready? My guess is the experts figure that with proper social distancing, there is only the one-on-one risk of the cart rider and driver. An asymptomatic COVID-19 infected person will likely only expose the driver/rider.

    That is fine in theory. The problem is I don’t want to be the rider who sits next to the COVID-19 infected person. Unless the press and health experts have created a false boogey man, being infected is not like getting the flu. There are enough stories about healthy individuals going to the hospital to have convinced this old guy to not take unnecessary risks.

    I will continue to walk and if my groups wants to drive carts, I either get a solo cart or don’t play.


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