Michigan Virtual Golf Show 2021: Club Champion

Michigan Virtual Golf Show 2021: Club Champion

Michigan Virtual Golf Show 2021: Club Champion

Rain, Sleet, Snow or Hail: Club Champion is the best place to get fit in Michigan

No matter the weather, there’s always something to be done to prep for golf season. For those local to Grand Rapids or Royal Oak — or those willing to travel — there’s plenty of golf improvement to be had at Club Champion year-round.

Golfers looking for lower scores won’t have to look far when they book a custom club fitting at Club Champion. An arsenal of over 50,000 hittable club combinations comes together with unmatched fitting services to bring the best in equipment and golf knowledge.

Since their inception in 2010, Club Champion has stood by the goal of giving every golfer a professional-level fitting. They’ve grown rapidly in the last 11 years to become the nation’s top club fitter. Their fittings have a few elements that set them apart from other local fitters:

Options: As previously mentioned, each store has over 50,000 hittable head and shaft combinations on-site that can be built in real-time using a unique connector system. They can fit every swing because they have everything available to their fitters.

Technology: They use the same technology as PGA pros. Between TrackMan’s proven 3D radar tech and Science & Motion (SAM) Puttlab’s ultrasound measurements, there isn’t a more comprehensive analysis of your total game. Plus, the SST PURE Shaft Alignment system and Club Champion’s calibrated loft and lie machines ensure a perfect build.

Fitters: Club Champion Master Fitters go through 150+ hours of training in an in-house program called Club Champion University (CCU), on top of previous golf experience. After graduation, they retain their expertise in bi-weekly refresher courses to ensure they’re still the best in the business.

Builds: Most fitters identify your specs and send them to a club manufacturer to build. Club Champion has highly trained craftsmen in their 15,000 square foot facility who hand-build each order. No assembly line, no mass-produced clubs. Just perfectly fit and built equipment that will help you score better.

For Michigan golfers who are thinking about dialing in their equipment while they wait for the season to start, please note that Club Champion is making health and safety their primary concern. They have implemented additional steps to ensure customers and employees are safe, including enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures, as well as mask mandates in each store.

Club Champion is proud to be part of the Michigan golf community and is happy to help golfers play their best!

Book A Fitting at Club Champion Detroit

Book A Fitting at Club Champion Grand Rapids

The Club Champion “booth” is part of GolfBlogger’s Michigan Virtual Golf Show 2021. For all of the other participants in the Michigan Virtual Golf Show 2021, follow the link.

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