Michigan Company Creating Ben Hogan Video Game

Pixofactor, a company based in Royal Oak, Michigan is in the process of creating a new golf video game centered around golf legend Ben Hogan. “Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf” for the Wii gaming system (and thus you’ll be able to use the excellent Chicken Stick to play).

The company has been in the news in Michigan these days because it’s the first to qualify under a state plan that grants 40% tax credit to video game developers. The same incentive also applies to movies made in the state, and has resulted in quite a few film projects, including Clint Eastwood’s award winning Gran Torino.

“We appreciate the quick and efficient approval process from the Michigan Film Office to bring this innovative video game development work to Michigan,” said Pixofactor CEO Sean Hurwitz, in a statement. “Now that we have approval to begin work on the Ben Hogan video game, we believe this is the launch pad for the video game industry in our State.”

PixoFactor plans to have 200 employees and contractors on its payroll.

It’ll be interesting to see what fresh twist they can put on the golf video game. It seems to me as though the EA Tiger Woods franchise has got a lockdown on golf video games. Even as damaged goods, Tiger is surely more of a draw to the casual gamer than Ben Hogan.

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