Michigan Deep Freeze Continues


Here’s a picture of my Subaru’s thermometer in the parking lot at work this morning. The deep freeze continues. With the wind chill, it’s -11.

In case you’re wondering, I won’t be playing any golf today. Not tomorrow, either.

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3 thoughts on “Michigan Deep Freeze Continues”

  1. Sorry Blogger.  61 tomorrow, 70 Saturday, and 64 on Sunday.  It has been pretty cold the last couple days though, but at least it has been about 25 degrees warmer than Michigan!

  2. Got out today, it was north of 61 for a high today.  Long sleeve and long pants, but it was nice.

    I got the 90 monkey off my back today, scoring an 88.  Lifetime low.  Drove a 520 yard par 5 in 2.  Another par 5, I went off the back in 2.

    uPro performed well, review will be later tonight, But I liked what I saw.


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