Michigan Golf Course Owner’s Association Endorses Synder

In what apparently is its first political endorsement, the Michigan Golf Course Owner’s Association has endorsed Rick Synder for Governor:

Michigan Golf Course Owners: Snyder to Help Tourism Industry
Organization Makes First-Ever Endorsement in Political Campaign

LANSING, MI—(Marketwire – October 4, 2010) –  The Michigan Golf Course Owners Association today made the first-ever campaign endorsement in the organization’s history by publicly backing Rick Snyder for governor, saying he is the best candidate to help create jobs in the tourism industry.

“Our organization doesn’t usually get involved in campaigns, but this election is too important to sit out,” said MGCOA Executive Director Kate M. Moore. “It’s clear Rick sees the value of protecting the environment and using Michigan’s natural resources to our advantage to boost the tourism industry, which will create jobs.”

Tourism is the state’s third-largest industry.

The Michigan Golf Course Owners Association represents golf course owners and operators throughout the state.

At first, I thought it odd that the Golf Course Owners would make a political endorsement, but on reflection, its likely a measure of just how bad things have gotten here in Michigan. There’s a reason you can play a high-end course in Michigan for half the price of three years ago—and even then the prices were very reasonable compared to other places. After eight years of Democratic control of the Governor’s Mansion, people here are looking for a change. Rick Snyder, the Republican Candidate, is a former computer industry exec, and a current venture capitalist, so he has come cred among business owners.

When Synder wins—and its’s when, not if—I hope he finds a way to permanently fund the Pure Michigan tourism advertising campaigns.

1 thought on “Michigan Golf Course Owner’s Association Endorses Synder”

  1. I usually vote Republican, but I’m not in favor of government special pleading on favor of any industry, including tourism. Sure, we may like golf courses but once you start with tourism, where does it end? We might as well have government advertising the merits of GM products.

    Oh wait.

    As for Snyder, I would vote for him, though not enthusiastically. I don’t think CEOs make the best governors. I suspect he will be prone to the kind of industrial policy that the state has gotten into with MEGA and MEDC.


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