Michigan Golfer Hits 397 Yard Hole In One


A golfer in Grand Rapids has hit a 397 yard hole in one:

ROCKFORD—Ben “Crusher” Kruizenga didn’t react. Instead, he stood frozen at the blue tees on the seventh hole at North Kent Golf Course.

Kruizenga had just hammered a 397-yard tee shot—that’s 95 yards longer than Tiger Woods’ average—into the bottom of the cup for a hole in one.

But he had a problem. He didn’t think anyone saw it.

“The pin was way up front,” said Kruizenga of his May 21 feat. “I was playing by myself, and I didn’t see anyone.”

Luckily for Kruizenga, Kathleen Klein—North Kent’s owner—and one of her rangers sat in a golf cart just beyond the green. Klein saw the ball roll in but thought nothing of it until Kruizenga asked if she had seen his ball.

3 thoughts on “Michigan Golfer Hits 397 Yard Hole In One”

  1. Ok, my question is—did he see it go in the hole from the tee box?  I know my eyesight is lacking, but I have trouble seeing my ball at 250+ yards.  I sure wouldn’t be able to see my ball roll into the cup at 400.


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